PA security forces continue detention of Palestinian fighters

Palestinian fighters and civilians march in the village of Kafr Dan, to show solidarity with the families of 2 Palestinians killed in overnight clashes with Israeli security forces near a checkpoint inorth of the occupied West Bank town of Jenin, on September 14, 2022 [Photo by JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP via Getty Images]

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues detaining Palestinian fighters in the occupied West Bank, including Islamic Jihad members and leaders, Islamic Jihad in Palestine (IJP) said yesterday.

In a press release, the IJP said that the PA security services raided homes of several of its leaders and members in Hebron.

"This is part of a wide detention campaign targeting IJP fighters across the occupied West Bank," the movement said in the press release, describing the detention campaigns "as brutal as those carried out by the Israeli occupation."

Meanwhile, the IJP said that two of its fighters have been on hunger strike for ten days in protest against their "harsh detention conditions in Jericho slaughterhouse," where they have been suffering since July.

A large number of IJP members have been detained by the PA across the occupied West Bank, it added.

The Committee for the Families of Political Prisoners in the West Bank said that the PA carried out 411 violations across the occupied West Bank in June.

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