Lebanon sets measures to stop Ain Al-Hilweh clashes spreading out of the camp

Smoke rises within the clashes between Fatah movement members and some Palestinian Islamic groups at Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon's southern port city of Sidon on 28 February 2017 [Ratib Al Safadi - Anadolu Agency]

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi said yesterday that measures have been taken to maintain security in Lebanon after clashes that broke out in the Ain Al-Hilweh refugee camp last month and killed 11 people.

Mawlawi said in a press conference that Lebanon is as concerned for the Arabs on Lebanese soil as it is for the Lebanese citizens, and security violations and the endangering of lives will not be tolerated.

The head of the Federation of Tourism Syndicates in Lebanon, Pierre Al-Ashqar, said that nothing has changed after some foreign embassies had issued warnings over the past few days against their citizens travelling to Lebanon.

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