iOS 15 Messages Guide: New Features, Photos, Updates

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With the release of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, the iMessage system of Apple receives a significant update. Apple today revealed that the upcoming iMessage would feature a variety of different functionalities seen among many other characteristics in competing for messaging applications like Vox or even Facebook’s Messenger, during its annual International Tech conference.

This provides additional compatibility for the features often used, such as inline answers, pins and comments, improved chat group configurations, enhanced search, and more.

Anyone in a group chat would be permitted to react to certain texts by using strings with the new integrated response tool – a feature similar to a lot of other prominent chat applications, including Discord. With integrated answers, users may select a full discussion view of the answers or they can choose to see it as a comment stream.

iMessage adds support for references to make it easy for all other iMessage users to learn for whom a text was intended in the group conversation. However, unlike @, you simply need to input somebody’s name on applications and social networks, such as Twitter — no additional sign necessary.

One could then tap on a recommendation for connection. The app opens a recommendation. The name of this individual is then blue-listed in your text to show that your criticism has been addressed.

The greatest thing, though, is that you may set up the Messages app just when you are referenced explicitly in a chat. This can continue to follow up with busy talks, with nothing crucial disappearing.

The style of the group conversations has also altered, with the top recent available participant’s buttons being displayed.
Group conversations may also be personalized as their cover picture with a demo reel or emoticon. In the discussion, you will notice the personal pictures of the members of the group scattered all around the primary image.

Saved Discussions, an additional feature, allows you to put your top critical iMessage talks at the center of the display. This makes it easier to jump into your discussions most often visited, for instance, your Friend or household group chat. However, it also provides you with the means to rapidly resume a chat with a major connection like an essential individual, wife, or kid.

When these group conversations get new messages, they will be shown directly at the top of the screen. If someone texts you, you can even view the typing indication.

This function is especially handy for individuals who mainly and often follow up on their discussions via iMessage, but sometimes miss essential messages in a big list of unread. It also provides a means for you to limit your screen time by providing you with a single spot to ensure that you have not missed a message without scrolling your unread list and collecting it.

Apple is also upgrading its Memoji in 20 new designs, facial covers, and more of its hair and headgear.

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